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pet bags
biodegradable garge bags
500000 Pieces(Min. Order)
20000 Kilograms(Min. Order)
10000 Kilograms(Min. Order)
$1.65 - $1.80/Kilogram
1000.0 Kilograms(Min. Order)
$1.60 - $1.80/Kilogram
1000 Kilograms(Min. Order)
$1.65 - $1.85/Kilogram
2000.0 Kilograms(Min. Order)
2 Kilograms(Min. Order)
Shrink Film
$1.60 - $2.30/Kilogram
2000.0 Kilograms(Min. Order)
Shrink Film
$1.60 - $2.30/Kilogram
2000 Kilograms(Min. Order)
Why Choose Us
10 automatica pof 5-layer - co extruded film production lines
on line thickens control
national key laboratory
SGS , QS ,FDA ,REACH APPROVED SHANDONG FULLY PACKING MATERIALS CO.,LTD IS LOCATED IN THE HOMETOWN OF "GUERILA ON THE RAILWAY", WEISHAN LAKE DEVELOPMENT ZONES,WE ARE AMONG THE LARGE SCALE,HIGH QUALITY OF POLYOLEFIN SHRINK FILM AND SHANDONG FULLY is the leading enterprise in the plastic and packaging industry. Our POF products consist of POF heat shrink film,microperforated film,POF noodles film, POF bowl noodles film,printed film,bags,corona treated film,colored film,and PE film,cross linked film and etc Fully is a whole process producing enterprise that integrates design,innovation and film production together, we have 10 production lines of independent research and development and dedicate to help thousands of customers from more than 40 countries to improve their packaging effect/level We are national high tech enterprise,approved by QS,BRC,SGS,REACH,FDA and ISO9001,ISO 22000 management system certifications and identified as engineering technology research center,enterprise technology center,famous trademark,the contract and accredit honoring enterprise in shandong province In the prospect of unlimited packaging market, we will always stand in the forefront of the film industry's advanced productive forces and the heart of the competitiveness and we will take our persistent efforts to be a modern company with excellent leading performance.
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